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As one of only a hand full of Microsoft Certified Small Business Partners in the Denver Colorado area, NPF Networks is uniquely positioned to help Small Business Companies with 15-100 users install and maintain Microsoft products and software.

We have been rigorously tested to attain the coveted Small Business Specialist Partnership: it takes more than just installing Windows on a few PC’s.  Each of our Support Engineers has to pass a total of 7 Microsoft Exams to attain their MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer) certification and as a company, we must pass quarterly customer satisfaction surveys to attain “partner points” and are required to attend local Microsoft seminars.

Microsoft’s aggressive curriculum and tedious requirements assures the customer of our commitment to Microsoft products and your satisfaction.

Why work with a Microsoft Certified Partner?
Microsoft® Certified Partners are independent companies that can provide you with the highest levels of technical expertise, strategic thinking, and hands-on skills. Microsoft Certified Partners encompass a broad range of expertise and vendor affiliations and their real world perspective can help you prioritize and effectively deliver your technology solutions.

  • Microsoft Certified Partners have demonstrated expertise
    Each Microsoft Certified Partner must employ a minimum number of Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs) who have a demonstrated level of technical expertise and the proven ability to deliver solutions featuring Microsoft products. MCPs must pass certification exams developed by Microsoft.
  • Microsoft Certified Partners have a broad-range of experience
    Microsoft Certified Partners typically offer several areas of technical expertise including infrastructure, networking, office automation, e-commerce, collaboration, business intelligence, and other leading edge disciplines. Microsoft Certified Partner services include consulting, training, implementation, maintenance/support, and hosting services.
  • Microsoft Certified Partners have direct support from Microsoft
    Microsoft Certified Partners have access to 24 x 7 x 365 support for your project whenever they need additional support from Microsoft.
  • Microsoft Certified Partners offer a real world perspective to your technology strategies
    Microsoft Certified Partners have been in the business, on average, for more than 5 years. They bring experience to your projects gained through conducting similar projects over many years of service.