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Our Hourly Rate

NPF Networks’ hourly rate is $140.00. What’s the average hourly rate of other IT support companies in Denver (as surveyed January 2020)? $150.00-$165.00 per hour. What’s more, of the IT support companies we surveyed, not one provided their hourly rate on their website forcing you to contact them.

Same Rate for all Services

You will find that many IT support companies charge different hourly rates for different services, i.e., “server maintenance”, “networking”, “desktop support”. IT can be confusing enough, why make your bill confusing also? NPF Networks charges one hourly rate for all services, period.

No Long-Term Contracts

Our current clients have been with us for several years. We are the IT company you want to keep. We are confident in our services and we have no reason to contractually bind you. It’s simple, we begin billing for time when we arrive and stop when we leave.

No Trip Charge

We focus on providing IT support in and around the Denver Metro and DTC areas for a couple of reasons. One, it allows us to quickly respond to your site when you need immediate computer or network support. And as we are not usually traveling great distances, we can avoid charging clients for the trip.

NPF Networks believes in affordable computer and network solutions that meet a variety of budgets. We understand that as your business changes, your budget may also change. However, your company’s need for reliable IT support at a fair and reasonable rate does not.

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    Our Approach

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    Our Approach

    Our Approach

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