Our Approach

Not all companies are the same – not all computer networks are the same.

Yours is different, just like us. 

We start by getting your company’s pulse
By first surveying your current equipment and talking to department managers and employees about the problems they are experiencing, we can fully understand your needs and provide you with recommendations that are specific and unique to your company.

Upon assessment of your current computers and network, NPF Networks will create a specially designed plan for your review. The plan consists of changes in phases that you can either do all at once, over time and some “mission critical” changes. Consider it an a-la-carte menu for your computer and network upgrade.

After making the changes that you select, we will continue to provide proactive support and maintenance on an ongoing basis with a dedicated technician. What’s a “dedicated technician” you ask? A dedicated technician is one person that will be supporting your system. No more guessing what was changed from one technician’s visit to the next.

We’re the IT Support company you keep.

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    Our Approach

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    Our Approach

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    Our Approach

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