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NPF Networks wants to solve your business IT needs, using the right technology, asking the right questions then working toward your business goals. Below are examples of common issues we see and the flexible ways we help customers get the biggest benefit and save more money.

Our office is heavy on Internet and file transfer use – we need more bandwidth but need to keep our costs low.

Many customers have used the same phone and Internet provider for many years, however, there are savings to be found in reviewing your current Internet and phone packages. We often find that customers can save money while doubling, or even tripling, their current Internet connection speeds. NPF Networks works with all the local carries and can help you evaluate which provider would work best for you. We perform side-by-side comparisons of Internet providers, then present those results in an easy to read format. With information like the speed of your current connection, long distance use and an idea of your budget, we shop several providers in your area and then present your options. This free service helps you quickly see all your options and get the best deal.

Are we missing the boat by not moving to “the cloud”?

Customers often ask if the cloud is right for their business, and while there are some compelling reasons to move to the cloud, they might not make sense for your business. There are many factors to consider such as, do your users work remotely or from home? What kind of Internet service is at your office? If you already have a viable server at your office, perhaps a hybrid server/cloud solution would better fit your needs. To really determine your best course of action you should sign up for a free two hour network assessment. We will stop by your office, review your computers and network then outline some options.

Our data back-ups are inconsistent and unreliable – is there another solution besides swapping out tapes in the server?

Back-ups are key to your business and essential in the event of an accidental deletion or major system failure. Many customers still use old tape-based backups or the ol’ “hope and pray approach” – I hope we have a good back-up and let’s pray that we won’t need it!

Everyone wants to simplify this important role and we have found a unique solution. Using the latest technology from Barracuda Networks, this on-site device backs-up your data locally, then the back-up is replicated nightly to an off-site, SSL-encrypted storage area. Lost files can be recovered in minutes from the local device, entire systems can be downloaded and restored from the cloud. Seamless and automatic, no more swapping tapes or hard-drives off-site…ah, that’s better…

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